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in2itive After Hours: Taking Becker’s Annual Meeting To The Lounge from the Blog

in2itive After Hours: Taking Becker’s Annual Meeting To The Lounge

Sep 13, 2015 | Posted by Jocelyn Gaddie in Healthcare, Revenue Cycle Management

Becker's In2itive After Party 2015Nearly every business industry you can imagine is one that thrives on networking—the idea that “it’s all who you know” isn’t pretentious, it’s true. Who you know determines who you can call for help and who you can rely on for insight, assistance and success. No one goes it alone.

That’s why in2itive Business Solutions takes advantage of every solid opportunity to network with others in our industry. Events like the upcoming Becker’s 22nd Annual Meeting are the ideal scenario for us to grow our knowledge base and elevate our own experiences, which means we can better serve our clients and our business partners.

And while events like the Annual Meeting are not to be missed, in2itive likes to take its own networking efforts a step further.

Conferences, trade shows and annual meetings can be so frenzied—it’s nearly impossible to meet with everyone you hope to get in front of. But what can you do when you have only so much time on the show floor?

You attend the after party, of course.

That’s right. During Becker’s 22nd Annual Meeting in Chicago, the in2itive Business Solutions After Party is going to keep things rolling once the booths have all shut down. We’re slowing the pace with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and inviting our comrades to continue their conversations at Wicker Park’s fabulous Violet Hour lounge.

Yes, it’s as magnificent as it sounds. Business cards will be exchanged, drinks shared and solid connections put into place. So if you’re a go-getter attending Becker’s 22nd Annual Meeting in October, look for us on the show room floor and make sure to ask about your invite to the exclusive in2itive Business Solutions After Party.

Becker’s ASC 22nd Annual Meeting

October 22-24, 2015

Swissotel, Chicago

in2itive Business Solutions After Party

October 23, 2015

The Violet Hour (RSVP Required)


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