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Rising To the Top: Meet New in2itive Director Brandi Chesney from the Blog

Rising To the Top: Meet New in2itive Director Brandi Chesney

Feb 08, 2015 | Posted by Tracey Erbert in Revenue Cycle Management


Every band of rock stars needs a fearless leader, and a multi-talented troupe like ours is no exception. From the top-down, our president, vice president, directors and managers bring just the right mix of experience, professionalism, zaniness and pride to keep in2itive in sync and two steps ahead.

The greatest leaders emerge from within

—they’re the best equipped to lead the team—and that’s exactly how it happened for Brandi Chesney, in2itive’s new Director of Revenue Cycle Management.
Brandi arrived at in2itive in 2012 and quickly proved her worth. With almost two decades of industry experience managing insurance, charge entry and other billing functions, Brandi has become an indispensible resource to both in2itive staff and clients.

Get to know more about Brandi and the entire in2itive leadership team here. And if you’re ready to let someone rock your healthcare business office, give us a call at 913.344.7837.


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