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How Does in2itive Onboard a New Client? from the Blog

How Does in2itive Onboard a New Client?

Nov 29, 2019 | Posted by Jocelyn Gaddie in ASC Billing & Coding

I2T_thumb_onboarding-welcomein2itive’s onboarding process is something we do often—we’re experts! Bringing on new clients is a simple, easy process. Typically it takes anywhere from 60 to 90 days to onboard a new client, but we could do it as quickly as 30 days. We’ve even had some clients that needed our help immediately, and that’s ok. We’re flexible. We’re in2itive.


Together we look at in2itive’s processes and your surgery center processes. Collectively we combine those processes and provide a solution that fits well for the billing of your surgery center.

When working with in2itive, we have a dedicated team that works on your account:
  • Our Directors have oversight on all aspects of the revenue cycle and also helps manage your medical billing team.
  • Our Revenue Cycle Managers act as a liaison between your surgery center and the billing office.
  • Our Medical Coders review all documentation, codes, procedures, and diagnosis.
  • Our A/R Specialists post insurance and patient payments to patient accounts.
  • Our Billing Specialists electronically enter charges and submit claims to the insurance company.
  • Our Patient Account Reps collect patient responsibility and answer any questions that the patient might have.

Usually within the first 3 to 6 months you’re going to see a change in your bottom line, an increase in your response and efficiency, and overall improvements in your revenue cycle.

For more information in regards to our Revenue Cycle Management solutions, you can contact us at

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