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ICD-10 Grace Period: It's a Safety Line, Not a Crutch

29 Jul 2015, Posted by Jocelyn Gaddie in ASC Billing & Coding, Revenue Cycle Management


Earlier this month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), alongside the American Medical Association (AMA), announced a “grace period”


Yes, You Still Have Time to Get in Gear for ICD-10

12 Jul 2015, Posted by Tracey Erbert in ASC Billing & Coding, Revenue Cycle Management


We’ve been talking about ICD-10 since last spring. And now, the industry is less than three months from its October 1 deadline, when coding and...


Collections: Don’t Get Swallowed Up by Poor Follow-Up!

29 Jun 2015, Posted by Cheryll Calato in Revenue Cycle Management


When it comes to filing claims, the clock starts ticking on the date of service, and everyone wants to move their claims smoothly through the revenue...


Keeping Patients Happy to Keep Business Healthy

07 Jun 2015, Posted by Tracey Erbert in Healthcare, Revenue Cycle Management


I think it’s safe to say that anyone in the healthcare industry is aware of patient satisfaction surveys and their importance. At least remotely....


Don't Let Delayed Dictation Drown Your Medical Billing Revenue

17 May 2015, Posted by Stacie Van Der Bosch in ASC Billing & Coding


Physicians are perpetually busy. It’s a fact I completely understand. Actually, in most cases that’s a gross understatement—on any given day,...

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Beating Burnout at Work

03 May 2015, Posted by Tracey Erbert in Insider


Burnout is like the big bad wolf of any work environment—you never know when he’s going to come along and try to blow the whole house down. But in...


Winning Appeals With A Little Less Paper

19 Apr 2015, Posted by Stacie Van Der Bosch in Healthcare


As a remote employee, I’ve gotten quite good about the whole paperless routine—


Taking the Lead In Healthcare Business Office Management

14 Apr 2015, Posted by Tracey Erbert in Healthcare


We’re basically guardians of the dollar, which makes us kind of a big deal. But in truth, there’s still more to healthcare business office management...


How To Be A Rockstar: Accounts Receivable Specialist

06 Apr 2015, Posted by Tracey Erbert in Revenue Cycle Management

in2itive’s “How To Be a Rockstar” series takes a look at the individual roles that make up an amazing business office and revenue cycle management...


13 Documentation Requirements to Note in ICD-10

12 Mar 2015, Posted by Dawn Houston CPC, CASCC in ASC Billing & Coding

It’s been almost a year since our last ICD-10 discussion—back when you were breathing a sigh of relief at ICD-10’s latest delay. Well, now it’s here....

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