From getting the patients in the door for their initial evaluation to seeing them off after a successful total joint replacement, there are many steps that the front and back offices of your ambulatory surgery center must take. A well run ASC has the revenue cycle down to a science, almost as well as a great surgeon has a posterior total hip replacement planned out before the big operation. Enhance your team with consulting services on revenue cycle management.


When choosing the right services for your center it comes down to a few key factors:

  • Smart Work Flow
  • Hitting Industry Benchmarks
  • Pinpointing Deficits
  • Creating a Solution
  • Evaluate Findings

Smart Work Flow: Much like you would evaluate a patient, there is a process to the evaluation of a business. Our team of consultants will work with you to outline current workflow process from scheduling to payment or account reconciliation. We look to make sure you have efficiency and accountability by analyzing the small data concerning completed appointments, proper billing, timely communication with insurance companies, prevention of denials and successful receipt of claims. 

Hitting Industry Benchmarks: When looking at your ASC, we compare findings to industry standards while keeping in mind facility location, size and specialty. Every business that we work with has unique needs to optimize cash flow, patient flow and insurance processing. We tailor what works on a generalized industry scale, to what will work for you. 

Pinpoint Deficits: Just as a great physician can create a differential diagnosis and drill down to the heart of the issue with a patient, our consulting team can pinpoint revenue cycle deficiencies in need of improvement. For some businesses, this is as simple as the delegation and processing of claims. For other locations, we may suggest a complete overhaul of the front and back offices to maximize staffing based on peak revenue cycle needs. When you know what is wrong, action can be taken to efficiently modify the situation and improve the flow of your ASC revenue cycle. 

Create a Solution: To make a difference in the ASC revenue cycle it is important to develop a SMART action plan to rectify shortcomings. Changes must be made in a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely fashion. 

Evaluate Findings: We work in a time of evidence-based practice across the board in healthcare. If you make a change you better have something to measure success against in order to show results. Our team will perform a review of changes that have been implemented for efficacy on a quarterly basis. We will work with your business office manager and ASC administrator to see that things have worked from a flow and numbers perspective. 


Contact our team at in2itive Business Solutions today to schedule a consulting appointment to bring your ambulatory surgical center to the next level by maximizing performance!