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The Billing Staff Talent Pool: What Happened? from the Blog

The Billing Staff Talent Pool: What Happened?

Jun 28, 2021 | Posted by Hannah Hagan in

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Recruiting, hiring and retaining staff has never been easy but right now, it’s increasingly difficult - especially in Missouri. State leadership has reported a labor shortage across the area as employers compete with child care responsibilities, health concerns, and even unemployment benefits.


As outpatient surgery cases return to, or even exceed, pre-pandemic numbers, Ambulatory Surgery Centers are struggling to staff their back office to keep up with the demand placed on the billing office. As we hear from surgery centers in the area, insurance verifications/patient estimates and A/R follow up seem to be getting the least attention, which has an enormous impact on revenue.


in2itive is offering a number of creative solutions to help ASC’s address this temporary economic environment. In order to best support ASCs in the area, we are offering shorter-term agreements in conjunction with á la carte services; centers can retain existing staff while receiving support from in2itive in positions they are unable to fill.


Working with a management company? Centers are always surprised to hear that we are in fact already working with centers under their management company’s umbrella. Don’t hesitate to check with us!


Give me a call to discuss your center’s unique situation today!



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