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Why Consider Outsourcing Your Revenue Cycle Management?

14 Mar 2019, Posted by Jocelyn Gaddie in Revenue Cycle Management

Outsource your ASC's Revenue Cycle Management to fix your billing process and increase your bottom line 


RCM solutions are typically outsourced for a couple of reasons.

  • The first reason is that there's a failure within the billing process — something's not right within the billing cycle, and help from an outside company is needed.

  • The second reason is that there isn't enough staff. A staff shortage means there's no one to take care of billing on a daily basis.


Outsourcing your center's revenue cycle management to an agency that specializes in coding, billing, collections, and revenue management can help tremendously.


in2itive Business Solutions is a full-service revenue cycle management firm that can operate within your existing software system to oversee every aspect of your billing and collections. For over a decade, our experienced team of dedicated professionals has been helping clients maximize reimbursements, lower accounts receivable (A/R), and increase net revenue by an average of 6%.


What makes in2itive's revenue cycle management better than our competitors? We personalize our services based on your needs. Our goal is to be a valuable and indispensable extension of your business office. 


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