Uncover Lost Revenue 

Medicine is a science that comes down to very specific details. Medical billing is the science of documentation, numbers and codes that paint a perfect image of what happened when a patient was seen for care. Coding audits ensure that everything is being performed as it should. A smart audit will help to enhance business by catching any errors that are decreasing revenue, therefore creating an opportunity for enhanced performance.  


Coding Audits Maximize ASC Performance

The benefit of scheduling a coding audit is that you are in charge of what happens with the data found from this in-depth process. We make it easy to assess how well the paper trail at your location is being followed. Steps to analyzing your business are:

  • Pulling Patient Charts: The first step in the process is for our team to randomly select an assigned number of charts for audit.
  • Obtaining Necessary Documentation: The team will pull everything that is part of the chart such as the original procedure report, claim form, coding summary sheet, pathology report and implant invoice when applicable.
  • Assess For Accuracy: CPC, ASC certified auditor will assess the accuracy of the ICD-10-C, CPT and HCPCS codes that have been submitted for payment and evaluate the adequacy of clinical documentation to support the code assignments.
  • Ensure Guideline Adherence: Monitor and evaluate the application of official coding guidelines to code assessment.  

When the audit is complete, we will sit down and discuss how your ASC has performed. The industry standard for coding notes an acceptable error rate of 5% or less. If your company falls outside of that range, we will work with you to find the room for improvement and implement changes. 


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