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Future-Proofing Your RCM: The Impact of Technology on Medical Billing and Coding from the Blog

Future-Proofing Your RCM: The Impact of Technology on Medical Billing and Coding


As an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) leader, the most important investment you can make is one that shields your bottom line from revenue losses. What’s the easiest way to do this? One word: technology.

A New Era of Billing and Coding

If your facility relies on manual billing and coding processes, like most of the industry, chances are high that you’ve experienced errors, inefficiencies, and delays. However, as technological advances reshape the revenue cycle landscape, ASC billing and coding teams can leverage powerful tools to streamline and optimize their RCM processes.


Automating tasks like claim submission, eligibility verification, and payment posting can substantially decrease the likelihood of errors entering your revenue cycle and minimize the time it takes to get reimbursed.

Instantaneous Dictation

Comprehensive dictation is a first step to accurate billing. Traditional methods can overlook critical details and significantly delay your billing efforts. Instantaneous dictation streamlines this task and ensures accuracy to help enhance workflow efficiency and accelerate reimbursements.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

EMR systems have quickly become the bedrock of modern healthcare facilities. Integrating an EMR into your ASC coding and billing system eliminates many common RCM errors, avoids redundant data entry, and enhances communication between clinical and administrative teams.

RCM and Technology: A Match Made in ASC Heaven

Exploring a partnership with experts in technology-based RCM can help your facility keep pace with the industry but also achieve financial and operational improvements that drive long-term growth, such as:

  • Reduced billing and coding errors
    Automated coding and AI-powered ASC RCM services substantially reduce — and even eliminate — these errors, helping your team submit clean and compliant claims.
  • Faster reimbursements
    Technology tools accelerate the billing process, leveraging rapid claim submission for faster reimbursements.
  • Compliance and audit-readiness
    Transferring responsibility to technology-driven solutions that automatically enforce and maintain compliance can help you avoid legal or financial penalties.
  • Significant cost-savings
    The costs of manual billing and coding, factoring in the inevitable mistakes and inefficiencies, can add up fast — leverage technology to mitigate revenue loss and reduce costs associated with these processes.
  • A stronger focus on patient care
    When billing and coding are handled by technology or a partner with technology tools, you can reallocate vital resources toward providing exceptional patient care.

As an accomplished ASC revenue cycle management partner, in2itive specializes in helping facilities like yours utilize every tool available to close the gaps and maximize revenue growth.

Want to learn more about how technology can boost surgery center RCM? Talk to our team today.


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