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How Do You Onboard a New Client? from the Blog

How Do You Onboard a New Client?

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We make onboarding new clients simple and easy. Start improving your RCM today!

The onboarding process is something that we do often at in2itive Business Solutions —  so we’re experts at making it simple and easy.

Typically, it takes between 60 to 90 days to onboard a new client, but we could do it as quickly as 30 days. We’ve even had some clients that needed our help immediately, and that’s ok — we’re flexible. 

Together we look at in2itive’s processes and your surgery center's processes. Collectively we combine those processes and provide a solution that fits well for the billing of your surgery center.

When you work with in2itive, we have a dedicated team that handles your account.
  • Our Directors have oversight on all aspects of the revenue cycle and also helps manage your medical billing team.
  • Our Revenue Cycle Managers act as a liaison between your surgery center and the billing office.
  • Our Medical Coders review all documentation, codes, procedures, and diagnosis.
  • Our A/R Specialists post insurance and patient payments to patient accounts.
  • Our Billing Specialists electronically enter charges and submit claims to the insurance company.
  • Our Patient Account Reps collect patient responsibility and answer any questions that the patient might have.

Usually, within the first 3 to 6 months, you’ll see a change in your bottom line and overall improvements in your revenue cycle.

For more information about our Revenue Cycle Management solutions, you can contact us at info@in2itive.com.

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