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in2itive Reporting

10 Jan 2019, Posted by Jocelyn Gaddie in Revenue Cycle Management

The reports that in2itive provides really helps us to drill down on the surgery center and better understand what’s going on. Typically at the end of the month, we do a hard financial close and provide all reporting information. Throughout the month, we are constantly running A/R reports to better understand the A/R and to also work the A/R. We collectively use our reporting capabilities to tell the story of everything that’s going on in your surgery center, and it’s all driven by your bottom line.



The benefit of the reports that in2itive provides to the client is really just telling a story of what your A/R looks like. It helps us understand:

  • Your case volume
  • Your case mix
  • What your charges look like each month
  • What your write-offs are each month
  • Your bad debt turnover
  • Your net collections
  • Your net revenue

in2itive reports are customized based off the center. We specifically put together things that we know are important for a surgery center that they need to understand and what they need to look at on a monthly basis.


For more information in regards to our revenue cycle management solutions, you can contact us at info@in2itive.org

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